Collection of Finest Curry Recipe and Curry Cooking GuideCurry Recipe is fast becoming the world favorite cuisine today with its mild and spicy favor. Ultimate collection of finest quality Curry recipe from various country included Malaysian curry, Indian Curry, Thai Curry and Indonesian Curry. You may find all unique and delicious curry recipe here!

Let Curryfood-recipe impart you with these simple and unique curry cooking recipes from this site, which enables all curry lovers to master the kitchen skills to prepare delicious curry dishes that are favored in various country.

Curry Ingredients / Curry Glossary

Wonder what certain ingredients used in curry cooking? Here are some ingredients and spices that commonly used in curry cooking recipe.

It is a perennial and lemon-scented plant. The outer green stalks should be discarded, only the bottom part of the whitish stem may be used.

A round shape, cream colored seed that contains a large amount of oil. It enhances fragrance as well as thickens the gravy of curry dishes.

Cardamom Cardamom
It is a perennial herb that is native to India. It is
valued for its dark brown and highly aromatic seeds enclosed in a three-sided creamy-white pod. Used as an ingredient in curry blends.

It is made by fermenting shrimps and salt into paste andhas a delicate flavor. Stir together with chili and other spices in the heated pot.

Star aniseStar Anise
A star-shaped seed with 8 points and has a light and sweet flavor. It is used frequently in curry cuisine.

Galangal Galangal
It has a light fragrance but is not spicy. Usually measured with thumb and is commonly used in soups and curries.

Curry LeavesCurry Leaves
The green leaves are slightly bitter and aromatic. They can be used whole for cooking.

Coriander PowderCoriander Powder
With amazingly delicious aromatic taste, it is suitable for cooking with meat, seafood or vegetables.

Salam LeavesSalam Leaves
It is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indonesian cuisines. It can be added to curries or rice to enhance the fragrance.

This rice-shaped spice has a bitter pungency.

Yellow in color, it is a spice often used in curry making and is used to add flavor and color to the dishes.

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