Collection of Finest Curry Recipe and Curry Cooking GuideCurry Recipe is fast becoming the world favorite cuisine today with its mild and spicy favor. Ultimate collection of finest quality Curry recipe from various country included Malaysian curry, Indian Curry, Thai Curry and Indonesian Curry. You may find all unique and delicious curry recipe here!

Let Curryfood-recipe impart you with these simple and unique curry cooking recipes from this site, which enables all curry lovers to master the kitchen skills to prepare delicious curry dishes that are favored in various country.


Curry Paste Recipe

Curry paste is the primarily important ingredient used in curry cooking and curry cuisine. The curry paste usually came from a moist blend of pounded herbs or spices and other seasoning. Curry variations are endless with different countries having their own style of cooking. Different culinary methods and use of ingredients are imbued with the local touch.

In general, the spices used for Indian curry are sure to jolt your senses while Indonesian curry is thick and rich. Thai curry veers towards a sweet flavor and the soup is clear. In contrast, Malaysian curry is light and refreshing.

Curryfood-recipe here introduces the basic curry paste that commonly used in Tropical country during curry cooking session. Understanding the inherent differences in these curries is your key to grasping the unique quality of curries from each country.

Hope this free Curry paste recipe page will serve as a showcase of authentic Curry dishes to share with your family and friends!

  1. Indian Curry Paste
  2. Indian Kurma Curry Paste
  3. Indonesian Curry Paste
  4. Indonesian Sambal Paste
  1. Malaysian Curry Paste
  2. Thai Chili in Fish Sauce Paste
  3. Thai Spicy Chili Paste
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